Start small

Why do most people not start companies or work on that one big idea they’ve been dreaming about forever? Mind you, the question is not why most companies fail, the question is why they are not even started in the first place? This Forbes article lists down 7 reasons why it happens but I believe […]

Can any pain be turned into pleasure?

‘Business refers to an occupation in which people regularly engage in activities related to purchase, production and/or sale of goods and services with a view to earning profits.’  This is how Business was defined as in my 11th grade Business Studies book and this is more or less the definition that every teacher and student […]

A Better Pitch for Abhinav 🇨🇦

A better pitch for abhinav

Context: Last year, I was in the process of moving to Canada. Immigration paperwork is a nightmare so a decision was made to reach out to a few consultants to seek help. Abhinav Immigration was one of them. After the initial call, the relationship manager sent me an email and I was disappointed in the […]

You’re the best KopyWriter alive! 📝

Context: I used to follow Neville Medhora’s work for a long time. He sells his uber famous Copywriting Course at and I wanted to figure out a way to work with him so one day I decided to write him an email. Below is the copy I used for the cold mail. Subject: You’re […]


Context: ZOZUK‘s first newsletter mail. Subject: NO-BULLSH*T. PURE VALUE. Body: What the heck is this? If this is what you’re wondering then you’re not alone. I had the SAME reaction when my colleague Neela (she’s in charge of content at Zozuk) came to me with the idea of sending out a weekly letter to everyone […]

Selling Stoner Patch Dummies 🌿

Context: A fun little sales email experiment for a client/friend. Subject: Hey… I screwed up Body: Hey Mike You know how sometimes you screw up and just say D’OH? This is one of those times… Last week, I got an internship at NWC and the first thing the overlords asked me to do was restock the […]

How to find interesting people and make them approach you

Last year, I moved to Canada. I didn’t know anyone here and it seemed like a good opportunity to recruit smart people for friends. I am a big believer in ‘you are the average of the company you keep’. But there were some questions.  The most important one was, what is the definition of smart […]