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Selling Stoner Patch Dummies 🌿

Context: A fun little sales email experiment for a client/friend.

Subject: Hey… I screwed up


Hey Mike

You know how sometimes you screw up and just say D’OH? This is one of those times…

Last week, I got an internship at NWC and the first thing the overlords asked me to do was restock the Stoner Patch Dummies.

This isn’t a huge deal and the restocking process is fairly straight forward. I was supposed to write an email to the supplier with the required quantity and that’s it. Simple right? Wondering, how can someone mess that up? Well, I did.

These suckers sell out super fast and about 60 to 80 units are restocked every day. This time I was supposed to order 75 packets but I added an extra ZERO at the end of that number by mistake. (My boss thinks I ate one of those Gummies before writing that mail but I swear to god I didn’t.)

The mistake was found when 750 packets of these god damn dummies arrived the next day.

Now instead of firing me, god bless his soul, my boss asked me to figure out a way to sort the mess ASAP. There is literally no space for anything else in our warehouse now.

I figured the best approach would be talking to our existing customers and offering these at a discount like never before.

After begging the bossman, I was able to convince him to run a special and offer these Stoner Patch Dummies at cost only to our past customers or newsletter subscribers.

These Stoner Patch Dummies are Natures Way bestsellers of all time. They’re priced low, give an amazing high and everyone loves them.

Here are some of the real reviews of these Dummies:

→ “Bomb flavor and 3 of these had me feeling awesome-sauce” – Mike (Strawberry flavor)

→ “These things are awesome! Great taste with nice long lasting effect.” – Eric (Tropical Mix flavor)

→ “Super bomb flavor and great potency! Definitely getting these again.” – Alex (Watermelon flavor)

Some people love them so much so that when I told one of our biggest customers about the offer, he ordered 20 packets right on the call. You’re amazing, David!

After David’s order, we’re now left with 730 of these but DON’T think that’s “a lot” of packets. Because on a typical day, we sell anywhere from 50 to 100+ packs (and that’s at the regular price of $25)

Now, given that we sell 100+ of these a day at full price, I have no idea how fast we’re going to sell out of 730 packets at only $17.50 a pop.

But I can promise you this: Once these special-priced Dummies are gone, they’re gone for good. And that’s it. First come, first serve.

NWC has never offered a deal this generous before (I guess partly because no one’s ever messed up this bad), and I am pretty sure that you’ll NEVER see a price this low again.

Here’s how to get your hands on a packet of these special-priced Stoner Patch Dummies today:

  1. You MUST order using the following link and use the code DUMMYANDREW to get the special price, otherwise you’re going to see the regular price of $25).

2. Because these are extremely unique circumstances, there is a strict limit of 35 packets per person at this price.


Andrew Cook

Intern @NWC

PS: If you get an EXPIRED LINK error then it means that we’ve sold out the 730.

Remember: First come, first serve!


Product went out of stock in just 20 hours after the email.

Inspired by: Neville Medhora@aditya1rathore

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