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Context: ZOZUK‘s first newsletter mail.



What the heck is this?

If this is what you’re wondering then you’re not alone.

I had the SAME reaction when my colleague Neela (she’s in charge of content at Zozuk) came to me with the idea of sending out a weekly letter to everyone connected to Zozuk. I wasn’t fond of the idea and I hated it even more when she suggested that I write the first email.

I ranted at her for 15 minutes trying to convince her how crappy the idea was.

But the moment she said the three magical words, I was sold. Here’s what she said:NO-BULLSH*T. PURE VALUE.
(Recently, I learned that two hyphenated words count as one. Sorry, Shakespeare)

I try to live by those three/four words and it is one of the reasons we have never sent our users any other email apart from their support query responses and weekly care reports.

So here’s what I’ll pinky promise you today. 

We will never put spammy stuff in ZOZUK Letters and we’ll never try to sell you anything unless we genuinely believe that it will add value in your life and we’ve tried it ourselves first.

Now, the million dollar question. What can you expect from the ZOZUK Letters? Here’s the answer:

1. TOOLS ?

A wise man once said that the ability to create and use tools is what separates us from other animals. Zozuk Letters will include mostly free and sometimes paid tools that can help you take your business to the sky. Details of this week’s tool are below.


These will be primarily around growth and design. For example, in one of the upcoming editions, we’ll share insights on how a small Peanut butter company was able to increase their business by 20X with almost zero marketing spend in just 2 months. That’s $500,000+ in revenue.


We are not just your Virtual CTO but we’re match-makers too. Not the Tinder kind though but you never know.

We’ve helped a lot of our users connect with each other. Some of them are now doing business together. Thanks Mike Scott and Ajay K. 🙂

Don’t forget to respond to this email if you’d like us to include your product in the ZOZUK Letter. If Neela – the Editor approves, we will include it in our upcoming Letters. It will definitely get you more eyeballs and if the stars align, maybe your next business partner.

And a lot of other great stuff…

This week’s tool


Advertising has become extremely crucial for a brand’s success. If you are selling online then you have to start advertising at some point.

Out of everyone I know, 👆 this guy would certainly agree.

So, this week’s tool is going to help you get two things done:

1. Understand trends in your industry

Imagine you are running a company that sells Bone broth. In that case, one of your biggest competitors would be a company called ‘Kettle and Fire’. 

If you go to and search for ‘Kettle and fire’ you’ll see ad copies used by this company. You’ll notice that ‘Kettle and fire’ has a Blonde woman in her late 40s on some of their ads which means blonde women in late 40s must be one of their biggest target groups.

Without spending a single marketing and research dollar you now know who should you target in the Bone broth industry.

2. Become a better advertiser

By looking at ad copies, you can easily understand the kind that work in a certain market. You’d also understand what you’d need to do to stand out from your competitors.

Facebook Ad Library is another free tool you can use to learn more about your industry and competitors. The only downside of the Ad library is that it’s limited to Facebook products aka the Zuckempire.

(By the way, we did not get paid by MOAT to write this. Unfortunately.)
This wraps up the first Zozuk Letter. 

Max, if you made it this far, I’d love your feedback. Simply respond with the one word that you thought of after reading this letter and you’ll get extra Karma points and a better letter to read the next week.

Until next time.

Aditya R.
Your Virtual CTO

PS: This one time only, if you respond with your website URL, I’ll personally recommend you some free and paid tools you can use to grow your business.

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  1. C’N’B’Cn (you asked for one word hence squashed it like this)! See & Be Seen 🙂

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